Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last Day of Boston Trip ~ Day 16

Lucky for you, since it was the last day I ever spent in Boston on this trip, I remember a lot of what happened even without notes. And thank goodness it was the last day! I was starting to miss my family so much, and was really looking forward to being back with them soon. (But even though I've already been back for a couple days and loving it so far, I do kind of miss the apartment we stayed in, and our Cleveland Circle neighborhood. Every day was such an adventure. And now, I don't know, it's kind of... normal. Never mind. I'll keep writing about the last day now.)

Annette and I woke up early, which was good because we wanted to make lots of preperations. Our mom, Shira, had told us that we should do a laundry of the bed sheets and clean a little around the place, like, sweep up the floors for dust and such. In short, we did that stuff. We also packed everything that we had stowed away in the big dresser when we'd first arrived. We also gave the keys to our room to a guy who lives upstairs in another room our parents rent out. He'd give the keys to a new guy who would come the next day to replace us.

Then we took one more walk around the reservoir. I think we saw swans there for the first time since we'd been in Boston. That was nice. Annette and I also had fun thinking up a cool new melody for Yakko's World, kind of a jazzy thing. Maybe someday we'll film ourselves sinnging the song quickly and put it on YouTube or something. I'll let you know if I do on my regular blog. When we were done with the walk, we decided to have lunch at the Eagles Deli. Another large plate of fries. Yeah, I know, I said fries are bad for you. But it was still tasty.

When we got home, it was still a couple hours until we had to leave for the airport. We had it all planned out. Our flight left at 7:15, so we had to be at the airport a couple hours early, like say 5:00 or 4:00 to be safe. Therefore, we needed to get on the train early, because it really takes a while to get to the airport. But we had some time, so we went on YouTube and watched some cartoons before we had to put away the computer.

You might think we were watching more Animaniacs, right? Uh, no. Not this time. Annette and I knew that Steven Spielberg had made a couple other cartoon shows other than the Animaniacs, like Tiny Toon Adventures (we saw a clip or two of that, and I do not think it was Steven's best work. >,<) and this crazy super-hero spoof called Freakizoid. Well, my twin and I got into Freakizoid. Not as obsessed as we are with Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner, but we think Freakizoid is pretty funny. The show has pretty much the same good sense of humor. It's such a shame these shows were cancelled! I won't give you any links this time, but please search Freakizoid cartoons on YouTube. I don't think you'll be sorry.

Anyway, we saw Freakizoid right until the last minute, and then we figured we better get going quickly, so we got the computer in it's case, made sure that the room left absolutely no trace that we'd been there (except the made-up bed for the new tenant) and locked our door one final time. We went to the kitchen and took out our last bit of food from the refrigerator. Some apples, peanut-butter and some bread. (We planned to make P-B & apple slice sandwiches at the airport. Not enough time.) We decided to take the "C" because, as we'd learned before, even though the "B" stopped in front of our house, it took way too many stops. Besides, the "C" is a lot more reliable.

It was hard carrying all our stuff to the station. It was a couple blocks away, you know. But we made it, only just catching the train. What divine timing! ^_^ Then we were able to relax for a bit, until we had to switch to the Blue Line at Government Center. 4 stops later, we were at the airport station. We had to wait a little while for the shuttle bus to come around, but then it came and took us to the actual airport quickly enough. Security was easy again, only they found about our peanut-butter jar and said we couldn't take it along. Jeez! So no P-B sandwiches. ~,~ Well, we nibbled on plain bread and ate the apples whole. No big deal, really, we didn't go hungry. But still, sheesh!

So we were there at the right time. A couple hours early. We hung around in that waiting area for quite a while. At least they had a TV there, but it was only for news. We watched some more stuff about MJ's death and such. Soon, when it was nearly time to board, we saw the flight was delayed 15 minutes, and there was apparently not a lot of room in the overhead storage areas for luggage, so our larger bags had to be checked. Don't worry, they did it for free. Annette and I were lucky to be one of the first to get on the plane, and to have near the front seats. Plus a window seat! Yay!

Annette and I switched off a bunch of times which one of us got to seat in the window seat. I loved it when we took off. I think that's the best part. You look down and you see everything shrinking away while you go up and up... what a feeling. And with all the low-hanging clouds, the land disappeared very quickly. Being above the clouds was so cooooollll! Magical! I imagined that we were actually in Antarctica or something and the clouds were snow, or mountains. I just couldn't believe the view. And to see the clearest sky possible, when you're well above the weather below, with the sun shining so brightly. Awesome. But the sunset we saw while flying, that had to be the best part. Just the most fantastic sunset I've seen in relatively recent memory.

(It's funny, we didn't listen to our iPod too much, and without any reading material with us we focused a lot more on what was outside, so that's mostly what I remember. But I think those are good memories, don't you? ^,~)

Now on the plane, a while before we were to land, Annette and I thought about how we were going to greet our parents and brother when we finally saw them after 16 days of separation. I believe I was the one who came up with the idea that when we see our little bro Adam, we'd both say, at the same time, "Hel-LOOOO, Moosh!!!," kind of like the Animaniacs say "Hello, Nurse!" (Why Moosh, you ask? It's an inside family joke, see. Nuff said.) So anyway, after we landed and had called our parents to pick us up now, and after Annette and I had collected our luggage from that carousel thing and went outside to wait for several minutes, we finally see our good old family-mobile pull up and Adam comes out of the car and says, "Hello, sisters!!!" (Whadaya think? He beat us to the punch! ^_~) So hilarious!

Okay, here's the final stretch here, folks. You have almost arrived at the end of this particular adventure. All you need to know is that it was soooo great to see our parents again, and we hugged and kissed them a lot of times, and they asked us questions and at home had a wonderful dinner prepared for us, even though it was hovering around 11:00. But we were hungry, and our mom makes the best stuff! Then we went online and showed Adam some more Animaniacs clips that we hadn't emailed him and he hadn't seen before. I guess that kind of got out of hand, and we went to sleep past midnight or something. Brushing my teeth was cool tonight; finally, we could use an electric toothbrush!

Yes! I did it! I almost wanted to give up a couple times on chronicling this entire saga, but I did it! Now you know what I did on this trip!

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