Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boston Trip ~ Days 8, 9 & 10: I can't keep up!

Alright, this is simply ridiculous! It's so hard to write down absolutely everything that has happened to me on my Boston adventures, especially if I have to include each minor detail and have separate posts for every day. My sister and I will be going home in a couple days *yay!* and I'm not really doing a lot today, so I'll take the time to blog a little and paint my adventures in broad strokes. (Metaphorically, you understand. I don't have any real paints with me. That would be messy. ^,~)

June 30: This day was cool because it marked the first entire week we'd spent in Boston, plus it was the last day of another month. Man, how the year is going by! Anyway, I'll skip the mundanities about what we had for breakfast and stuff and say that we visited Mass Art that afternoon. It was the earliest tour we'd gone on yet. Again, we got slightly lost, but lucky for us we came in just as they were about to start the info session. (Funny that it was the first time we were able to do that. BTW, I was right. Info sessions are boring.)

I liked the look of the school a little better than AIB from the day before, but I didn't enjoy the tour very much. Our guide seemed nervous and inexperienced. Her voice quavered constantly, and I thought she was going to cry any second. She just didn't sound very enthusiastic about her school. But that's just my opinion. Anyway, I was glad when the tour was over.

We spent some time at a nearby Barnes and Noble again (though it was a different kind than the one we'd visited before) and I gobbled up 3 more chapters of Dark Infinity. I am soooo loving that book! I could only read three because our week-long train passes ran out at a certain time, so we had to go home. For lunch we bought pizza from Pinos, got new "T" passes and saw more Animaniacs cartoons. Those guys are so funny!

In the evening we took another walk around the reservoir where Annette and I split up, only we went in the other direction from last time. Then we got ice-cream from a new store I'd never been to before (it hadn't been there when we'd gone all those summers). It's called Chill (fitting name, I think). Annette got mango flavor and I got carrot cake with pieces of Reeses chocolate on top. At first my order was mixed up because they thought I wanted it in a bowl, but I eventually got it in a cone like I wanted. It was tasty!

That night we continued to watch Animaniacs (can never get enough of them!), even seeing their entire feature film, Wakko's Wish (except for the first part. For some reason, we couldn't find it!) That was a really good movie, especially since it starred the Warner brothers and sister. I couldn't how great and funny the whole thing was. After watching it, Annette and I stayed up to talk about how much we'd loved it and which parts were our favorites, just as if we'd stepped out of a movie theater! Of course, the ending was a little so-so, but it still made it into my favorite all-time movies list! I can't wait to see it with Adam when we get home! We fell asleep listening to the music that came from Jake's room. He's a great musician! ^,^

July 1: To start the morning, Annette and I talked to our family on Skype for almost half an hour (our brother Adam was quite appreciative of the Animaniacs cartoons we'd sent him ^_^). I'd wanted to go to the theater that day, but we found out online that there was nothing good playing besides UP, which we've seen already. Just Ice Age 3, which we've heard from reviews is stupid, Transformers 2, which we'd like to see but don't want to without seeing the first one, and a couple other movies we've got no interest in.

So instead of going to the theater, we had fun watching trailers of upcoming movies on YouTube. The movie I was most impressed with was 2012. It's directed by the same guy who did Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Man, that guy is obsessed with the end of the world! But I liked all those movies and think that this one looks awesome too. Check out these links:

We had the rest of the day to pretty much do what we pleased, so we decided to go to the Arnold Arboretum, a place we went to last year that has acres of trees and flowers and is really beautiful. Unfortunately it was raining when we got there, so it wasn't much fun walking around all wet. But we found a good shelter and hung out there for a period. It didn't let up for quite a while. Annette and I still had a good time talking and stuff, though. We scratched our initials in the wood of the bench with our apartment key, so we could remember our time there.

Eventually we left the Arboretum and took the train back to the same Barnes and Noble we'd gone to yesterday. We stayed for a couple hours. So relaxing to be safe and dry in a bookstore while it rained outside. I was able to read another 10 chapters from Dark Infinity, though I'm still not even half-way done with that book. I was reading in the kids section, so every so often I'd look up from my book and observe the antics of cute toddlers. I love watching young kids.

I forget what we did later that night, because I neglected to write any notes for the day. In fact, after today, I haven't written any notes at all, because I thought I'd be able to remember everything by myself. Well, I can remember the big things, but not necessarily the other things. Still, lucky I'm doing this in broad strokes.

July 2: Uh, basically the only thing we did on this day was take a tour of MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Maybe you've heard of it. You learn to be a big scientist there. Again, Annette and I got largely lost in the area. So we were around half an hour late or something and the tour started without us, so it seemed like the whole adventure had been for nothing. But lucky for us, after wandering around the campus a while and admiring the buildings by ourselves, we spotted a big group of people following someone. It could only be the tour. So we went there and made ourselves blend in with the crowd and acted as if we'd been there the entire time. Wasn't that hard.

Even though we'd definitely missed a large part of the tour, I really liked it. The school is really large and amazing, with a cool history. The guide told us about the funny pranks MIT was famous for doing, like putting a police car on top of a building or something. He showed us inside these funny looking buildings that, from the outside, looks like strange architecture that belongs in a theme park, but inside is pretty normal. He also gave us a couple good anecdotes about his time as a student. He was a pretty good tour guide to keep the attention of all those people by himself.

After the tour was over, Annette and I had fun walking along Newbury Street, which is famous for it's various stores and restaurants that are fun to window shop at. We got a couple gourmet slices of pizza from the Upper Crust. Spinach, tomato pieces and garlic. Very tasty. Even though I'm not a big fan of tomatoes, on pizza it's delicious.

I honestly don't remember anything that happened after that, but I'm sure we watched some more Animaniacs that evening.


Q said...

Students put a car on top of the Dome. After the school had to pay big bucks to get a crane to take it down, they put a fire truck up there, complete with step-by-step disassembly instructions.

In an unrelated incident, they also put an old-fashioned phone booth up there. I think the phone had service, too, but I could be wrong.

Rainy said...

It's too bad you didn't take anymore notes, but you will in the future, right? :^) Because it helps with the prolific thing.

And I'm glad I got you hooked, Wakko's my favorite!