Monday, June 29, 2009

Boston Trip ~ Day 7

I was very tired when I woke up this morning. Somehow I remembered that I'd had some very strange, vague dreams, but I couldn't quite make sense of them. Oh well. Annette went and got the Metro paper by herself while I slept in, and then we ate bananas and strawberries for breakfast. This time Annette and I decided we were okay to walk around the reservoir, but we mixed it up a little by separating and walking different ways by ourselves. That was fun, getting some "me" time. I listened to the iPod for the first half, and hardly anyone was around, so I was able to sing along as loudly as I wanted and dance around too. (One was a Stevie Wonder song that since watching Happy Feet I can never stand still to, so I half walked, half "tap-danced" with my sneakers. That was pretty fun. ^,^ Whoops, now I'm embarressed that I told you guys. ;P) When my twin and I met up in the middle, Annette got the iPod for the rest of the walk.

When we got home we had some Joe's Os to snack on, then we left for our AIB tour. That stands for the Art Institute of Boston. We had to wait for the "B" train to show up for such a long time that we walked part of the way near the tracks before the train finally arrived. Then we forgot all about the fact that the "B" makes a lot more stops than the "C" does (the C is the one we usually take). So this made us a little late. Plus when we got there we got a little lost and had some trouble finding the school. Luckily we found a local Barnes and Noble nearby, so we asked a guy behind the counter if we were near the school. He said yes and pointed us out in the right direction.

I'd have to say that the tour was... okay. We missed about ten minutes of it, but that was no big deal. The tour group was quite small (which, to me, was an indication of how interested people were), the tour guide girl leading us spoke very fast (went over my head part of the time. Perhaps my mind was on other things) and the rooms we visited, to me, were pretty boring. (Well, this was an art school, and Annette is the one interested in art, not me, so what did I care?) Nevertheless, I reached the conclusion that I would most likely never attend AIB, and that out of the three colleges we'd visited thus far, UMass, Emerson and AIB, I liked Emerson the best. It was the most entertaining, anyway.

Once done with the tour, we headed back for the Barnes and Noble we'd found and *yay!* hung around for a while to read. I had a great time! I found the YA section and, after much searching, spotted a copy of The Hunt for Dark Infinity! (For those who are not James Dashner literate, this is the second novel in the 13th Reality series, which I love, that I've been looking forward to reading for ages, since it opened in March or something. I was really excited for this book!) I sat down in a... well, not quite a comfy chair, but it was a chair... and read ten chapters straight! Incredible, huh? It was quite awesome to read! James has definitely done it again! I knew we had to do this again sometime soon.

When we left the bookstore we were kind of hungry, so we started looking for the Cheesecake Factory, a restaurant we knew was somewhere in the area. I'd never been to a Cheesecake Factory before, so when we found it, I was quite impressed with it. It was a lot fancier than I expected it to be (well, it's got "factory" in the name, so I thought there would be much humbler surroundings, but it's really a great place for fine quality dining!) A very nice ambience of dishes and conversation buzzed in the background, and I kind of felt like I was in a movie. Our server was very nice too. It was quite funny, me and my twin eating in a fine restaurant by ourselves for the first time! Made me feel a little extra grown-up. ^,^ We ordered a big, fancy lunch of, to quote the menu, a Luau salad (hold the chicken), Evelyn's Favorite Pasta, and a slice of Craig's Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake (Try saying that 5 times fast!), split between us to share. Delish! Of course, since our parents weren't around, we were the ones to pick up the tab. But it was still cool.

Finally, full and satisfied with our meal, we went home and were able to relax. We decided to go on YouTube for a little while, but little did I know that we'd actually be on for a long while! Like, for two hours worth! What could we have been watching, you ask?

Animaniacs cartoons!

I would like to say a big thank you to a good blogger friend, Rainy.Roni, for actually reintroducing us to the Animaniacs with Yakko's World. I think that set off the whole thing.Those characters are absolutely hilarious, you have no idea! Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner. I am now obsessed with them! (Unlike my friend J. N.'s obsession with Sweeney Todd, I have to see a new Animaniacs cartoon every time, because it's never enough!)

Later in the evening we were so laughed out that we decided to send our brother Adam an email with some Animaniacs cartoons that we particularly enjoyed. These are the links that we sent him:
"The Kid in the Lid"

These all made Annette and me crack up! Please watch them (all of them!), and tell me that they don't set you off on an Animaniacs spree yourself! Needless to say, I went to bed happy and grinning. ^_^

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