Monday, June 22, 2009


Hello. My name is Bettina Levy. I am 17 years old now, though I'll be 18 in September. Normally I live in Florida, but this isn't going to be the case for long. This is My Travel Journal.

I guess you knew that from the title, huh? ^,^

Perhaps some of you know me from My first blog... ever! or Bettina's Book Club? Or maybe you've stumbled upon me by accident? If so, that's okay. (Just make sure to read up on me so you can get a better picture of me.) You all might as well know that I'm not necessarily going to write like the same person who writes those other blogs. See, you may think you know me, but you don't know this side of me. In fact, I don't think I even know this side of me. Well, I won't unless I do some serious blogging.

Okay. This is a Travel Journal, right? (Right.) Well, this is going to read somewhat like a journal, I expect. I'll be very thorough, totally honest and never leave anything out, because I want to remember everything that happens in any adventures I have in the near future. (And I do plan on having ADVENTURES!) So I guess, basically, you're going to be reading a total ME ME ME blog. ^_^

I'm really just writing this for myself, because I don't expect, or even necessarily want, a large readership here. This is a travel journal, after all. You're free to read me if you want. Comment me if you feel so moved. Just know that I will not immediately notice whether you do or not. I shall be completely oblivious to all comments and not participate in any comment conversations until I return from a given trip. Then I will be pleasantly surprised about who chose to follow me along on my adventures. But even if no one comments, or doesn't read this blog at all, I'm okay with that. This is just a corner of cyberspace for me to post my memories.

I plan to write three types of posts on this blog: One with words, one with pictures, and one with embedded videos in it. I will try my best to relive most of my memories with lots of descriptive words, since I love writing nearly more than anything. But you know what they say: A picture tells a thousand words. I consider myself quite the competent photographer. I love taking pictures of things. I might take many pictures on any given adventure-filled day, so I think it's best if each day's photos get their own seperate post. Hmm...I wonder how many words a movie tells? Well, whatever. I love taking movies too. Whenever I can, I'll post video clips of however many movies I take during the day, so you'll kind of be able to live the adventure out with me! Of course, I'll only give you the best clips.

(This might prove difficult though, since the camera I use may not take super-quality movies. Oh, I wish I owned a camcorder. The footage I could take... *sigh*)

I think that's just about all you need to know. So are you ready for adventure?
I said, are you ready for adventure?!

Then read on. ^_~

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