Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boston Trip ~ Day 6

For some reason I woke up slightly later than usual, I think 9:00-ish, so I broke the 7:00 spell I guess. By this time I'd decided it was okay to check my friends' blogs (I'd been trying to resist for a while) and this morning I saw that Graham had Chopped about Pendragon! He did an awesome job. ^_^ Here's the link, for those who are curious about that. Anyway, Annette and I talked to our parents and Adam for 25 minutes, which made that our longest Skype conversation ever!

We had mango for breakfast, and then we went to the kitchen and cut vegetables for our bagel picnic. See, all the summers I'd been to Boston before, our family had made a tradition in which we'd head down Beacon Street to this small bakery place, Kupel's, and get some bagels and cream cheese to share at this fun kids park that seemed to have three distinct play-areas, one of which had a couple awesome tire-swings! I loved getting dizzy on those things!

So Annette and I walked all the way to Kupels and bought half a dozen sesame bagels plus a couple apple turnovers as treats. But you know something that incredibly shocked me? There used to be a Barnes and Noble very close to those three parks, and now it's gone! The building was completely empty! I just could not believe it! Well, how would you feel if one of your favorite bookstores went out of business and you were the last to know about it, and books were your lifeline? Pretty darn peeved, like me, I'd imagine. Well, we ate a couple of our bagels, but 6 bagels seemed to be an awful lot for just two people, you know. We watched little kids play on tire swing. I wanted to go on too, but we were full and didn't want to get cramps or anything, plus the weather didn't look too good. And anyway, I guess it would be pretty silly of two teenage girls to be playing in a kiddy playground.

Since Barnes and Noble was gone, and we wanted to relax in a place with books in it, we decided on going to the Brookline library. Remember, the one that wasn't closed for renovations, but our cards don't work on it? Now that was a long walk. (What else is new?) It's a little funny now, but when we finally got to the door, we were annoyed to find that the library was closed on Sundays! Why didn't we use our brains? Grrrr! We had to walk all the way back and grumpily take the train home. Needless to say, we were quite disappointed about how the first part of the day had gone. No B&N, no library. *pout* So to cool off we watched YouTube for a while, trying to search for clips of the videos we'd tried taking out from the library the other day. Mainly we saw Marx Brothers clips. Here's a couple links to the funny ones:

Eventually we got back on the train to go to the Museum of Science. We were looking forward to catching an educational IMAX movie there. I tell you, this was a much more successful trip, and I enjoyed this part of the day very much. We were not late at all; in fact, I think we were half an hour early! So we bought the tickets and while we waited outside we examined this cool exhibit full of "interesting rocks." They sure were interesting. There was the U.S.'s oldest rock, a rock taken from the highest and lowest points on Earth, I think a rock that weighed a couple tons (I'll bet they needed a lot of help getting that one there!) and also this cool pink quartz rock. Annette and I had quite an awesome time examining and feeling the rocks for their different textures and reading the plaques that went along with them.

Eventually it was time for the show, and it was really cool because instead of a normal, flat, rectangular screen, they have this strange kind of dome thing in front of you that covers the edges of your peripheral vision when you look at it. When the movie started, they first did a cool sound demonstration with the guy who played Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and how the sounds were all surrounding us. Very complex and awesome. And then the movie itself was just incredible! What a show! The visuals are so interesting; because it plays on your peripheral vision, the film makes you think what you're seeing is real! It was all about DaVinci, risk-taking, and a lot of sky-diving and jumping off of cliffs. It was so exciting! (I fancy myself jumping out of an airplane someday. I don't know, you guys might think that's scary, but to me it sounds ultra-awesome!) It was funny, when the movie started, it made me think I needed seat belts for the ride or something! The music that went with it just made the adrenaline pump big time! I mean, wow. If all movies were shown like that...

So when the movie ended, we had a couple more bagel sandwiches on a picnic bench nearby (we didn't finish them, remember?) and later we took the train home to Cleveland Circle, though before that we stopped by at a market called Trader Joes, to get a box of Joe's Os, a cereal we really like that you can only get from that store. Another old tradition of ours. Anyway, we stopped and had the remaining bagels on the green of this empty baseball park close-ish to the apartment. It was very peaceful there. While eating, my twin and I reflected on how the day had gone by. Sure, the morning had been kind of sucky, but thanks to the Museum, we agreed it hadn't been a complete loss. I mean, every day is comprised of bad times and good times. I guess you just can't let the bad parts get you down too much. (Though the "death" of my favorite bookstore really made me sad at the time. ~,~)

At home we finished the leftover pasta from Friday (delicious), and then we blogged and researched a little on Google Maps. (We had to go to AIB in the morning, you know.) Finally, completely pooped out, we went to bed. There. I hope you were entertained with my day. (And you better check out those Marx links. They are funny!)

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Silvergal said...

Sounds like such an amazing experience, so happy for you...great details & documenting...