Monday, June 22, 2009

Intro to Boston Trip ~ Day 0

Wow, I can barely believe this is happening to me!!! I am just several hours away from starting a short new life for myself! No more lazing about at home, reading fantasy books, or dreaming I had more adventures. Nope. Tomorrow I'm embarking on what could be described as the greatest adventure of my life! (Thus far!)

I am all packed up and ready for me and my twin sister, Annette's, flight to Boston, Massachusetts. *squeal!* We will be traveling all by ourselves, with no Benny or Shira to guide us, and no little bro Adam to tag along. (Benny and Shira are the first names of my parents. My sister and I don't call them Mom or Dad. Ooh, we're so different and new age! Yeah, uh-huh. Sorry to sound tough, but deal with it.)

Of course, we will be meeting up with Shira's friend Tamara and her kids Adrianna, Kailen and Toni-Ann, who are taking the exact same flight to Boston as we are. So we won't be completelyby ourselves. But still, come on. This is me and my twin's adventure here. Not theirs. Besides, Tamara and family are only staying until Saturday, whereas we'll be spending 2 whole fun-filled weeks in Boston. Whoo-hoo!

I have to wake up really early tomorrow morning, like at 4:30, so we have enough time to get to the airport. Why do you have to show up so early? The air industry is just madness! (As are a lot of other industries, but I don't think I'll go into that.) Luckily I've got plenty to keep me occupied on the wait and on the flight. A book, my iPod, a camera, some trail mix, a pad I'll use for writing down notes that will remind me what to blog about in the future...

So you may be wondering... How is there a Day Zero to my Boston Trip? Well, I thought it would be a good title for a little pre-journey. You know, give you some background info. I don't think it would do to surprise you and assume you know everything about my trip. Yeah. I know. You don't know anything about my trip. That's my point. Plus, it would be a lot of work for me, having to remember everything that happens as well as explaining myself.

So here's the lowdown. At least the short version of it: Annette and I are flying to Boston. (This you must have gathered by now. ^,^). We'll be staying at the apartment our parents rent out to college students, though we are not college students ourselves, but who knows? The apartment has 5 bedrooms, and 80% of them are occupied. So if you do the math, my twin and I are going to share a room together in a living area with 4 strangers that are close to our age. Yikes. Even better, try 4 strangers of the male species. Meep.

For at least the first few days, my twin and I will visit a few college campuses so we can find out which school we might think about going to. We are still quite undecided about what to do with our future, so this might help a bit. But mostly we'll be having a bunch of fun! There's this awesome concert thing on July 4th, Independence Day, at the famous Hatch Shell. I bet that'll be incredible. That's just one of the things we'll be doing. Oh god, it's just so exciting.

I don't think I have any more to say, so I guess I'm done here. See you in Chestnut Hill Ave.!

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J.N. Future Author said...

This is the beginning! have fun!